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Postal : PO Box 1075, Sunnybank Hills 4109

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Queensland Security Solutions (QSS) is one of Queensland’s only full service security providers, capable of providing comprehensive security and operational solutions for clients. We have an established reputation for providing clients with highly accountable, outcomes-focused results and quality service solutions tailored to individual needs.


Safety, peace of mind, protection and prevention - with over ten years of industry experience, we know what security means to our clients and we provide the highest quality services.


These include security patrols, K9 teams, emergency response units, electronic security transport and traffic management, risk management, load audits and commercial quality assurance.


Our customers can rely on our reputation as K9 experts, capable of offering you safety, protection and security for any site and situation.


We are committed to providing the best security solution for your needs. Quality equipment, best practice processes and state of the art systems support our team of reliable, highly trained staff.


Trust is critical to quality security. Our handpicked team of 48 staff are selected for their maturity, experience, reliability, excellent communication skills and sound judgement. Whatever your security needs, you can trust our staff to provide quality, friendly support.


Talk to us today for any Queensland security solutions – whether you need onsite security, dog security, security patrols, crowd control school security, corporate protection, or just party security, we’ll find the right fit for you.



Postal: PO Box 1075
Sunnybank Hills 4109


Phone 1300 733 720

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